"Love this place! ..cleared the acne I had been struggling with for 14 years, despite seeing dermatologists that entire time and being on Accutane twice (at the highest and longest dosage allowed)... It really worked and the compliments on my clear, glowy face started rolling in!!"  ~ Kim M, Exeter RI

Was today a Good Skin Day?

What if you woke up every morning feeling great about your skin: clear, smooth, no redness, no swollen pimples, no heavy concealer or makeup to put on...just a healthy, glowing complexion?

You really can have that.

The Providence Acne Clinic at Viriditas has helped thousands of people just like you and has a 95% success rate for achieving clear skin in just 3 months. 

Since 2010 men, women and teenagers as young as 9 years old with mild to severe acne come to us when they’re finally ready for real results. 

If you are done with antibiotics and prescriptions with serious potential side effects, then you need to call today @ 401-632-4444

  What makes this program so different?

~One-on-one care, with a licensed esthetician acne specialist. No doctors, no drugs!

~Go home with powerful, affordable acne destroying homecare products.

~You get an easy to follow step by step plan just for your skin

~Learn how to stop acne NOW and in the future, so you actually stay clear

~Address all four causes of acne, not just the oil or bacteria.

~Homecare is strengthened every 2 weeks, until the causes of your acne are well under control.

~Some activities like swimming, wearing a helmet, birth control plus pore clogging ingredients in hair care and makeup can all make your acne worse. Learn what helps and hinders.

~As a client, you can contact us anytime with skin questions or problems, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

                 "This isn't a 5 minute, write a quick prescription and see you in 6 months program. It's not practicing medicine. It's practicing healthy skin."~ Laurie Neronha, Owner and Senior Acne Specialist

                  "I highly recommend this service to all moms with teens struggling with their skin.

                                             It is a game changer!" Dori D, Rehoboth MA

                   "Transformative." ~ Janelle B, Exeter RI

Are you ready for every day to be a Good Skin Day?

STEP 1~MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT for an AcneRX Consultation and First Treatment.

STEP 2~ USE THE PRODUCTS  After observing your skin, you go home with fully detailed instructions, and specialized OTC (over the counter- non prescription) products, including cleanser, antiseptic toner, 2 serums, moisturizers and sunscreens and fully detailed instructions for home use. These are not optional and are required to get your skin clear.  At each visit or check in, your program will be adjusted and strengthened to get you clear fast.

                    "I never thought I could say good bye to acne but I can now!" ~ Nora B, Plainville MA

Cost of home care product is not included, and is generally less than $150 at your first consult. Its worth it! Your products will be strengthened as your skin begins to clear, until you STAY clear.  This may mean an additional 2-4 products as you progress, ranging in price from $10- $40. The home care is highly effective, and is a vital part of the program.

STEP 3~ COME FOR FOLLOW UP ACNE RX TREATMENTS EVERY 2 WEEKS. It generally takes about 3 months to clear completely, but most see significant change much sooner. ProTip: it takes 3 months to clear because it takes 3 months for acne to start! .

           " skin is looking so beautiful I still can't believe it...If you're thinking about making an appointment, DO IT. You won't regret it!" ~ Katie W, Rehoboth MA


  • AcneRX Consultation and Initial Treatment ~ In-depth acne consultation and first AcneRX Extract treatment.You will leave with all the knowledge you need to get clear. Follow up AcneRX Extract treatments are recommended biweekly until clear, on average 3 months. Price does not include recommended home care products.1 hour 30 minutes $150.00 Book
  •  AcneRX Consultation Only ~ Get the basic information you need to start your journey to clear skin. Price does not include recommended home care products. 55 minutes $100 Book
  •  ***NEW! ACNE SOFT PEEL ~ Get closer to clear skin with this focused, time sensitive treatment. Start with a gentle, no down time acne peel, followed up with our Ultrasonic Soft Peel. This treatment is designed only for clients on our AcneRX program, to facilitate the clearing process. NO EXTRACTIONS. 20 minutes $70 Book
  • AcneRX Extract for Face or Back ~ Designed to support and accelerate your home care acne protocols: includes a light proprietary peel or enzyme, extractions and disinfection only. Skin may be pink to red after: please plan social engagements accordingly. This selection is ONLY for clients actively participating in our AcneRX program, as your home care will significantly impact its effectiveness. *CONSULTATION REQUIRED* Recommended twice monthly until clear, and as follow up care. 45 minutes $125 Book 
  •  AcneRX LED Blue Light Therapy ~ Targeted application of blue spectrum LED light, proven to help clear acne. For best results, treatments are recommended 2-3x weekly. 20 minutes $65 Book
  • AcneRX Zap that Zit! ~ Quick disinfection of 1 or 2 blemishes with the Tesla High Frequency unit: reduces inflammation, redness and supports healing. Ideal for those pesky "undergrounders" before a special event. 10 minutes $20
    call to book 401-632-4444



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